2017 Trackside Music Festival Artist Lineup

Aaron Allen & The Small City Saints

Saturday, July 1st  /  Side-Track Stage

Call him country, folk, rock, cow punk or blues, Aaron Allen is just a singer songwriter who writes honest music from the heart and could care less about fitting into any one genre. He tends to write about topics other people would prefer to keep quiet and that’s quite evident on the singer’s sixth studio release. The album ranges in style but maintains a country esc feel throughout. He shares a great deal of his life with you on this effort and is not scared to show you who he is, where he came from and how he got there. “Better Days” is a record that explores the trails and heartbreak of growing up in a broken home with the hope and structure of not repeating that lifestyle. He is honest about topics such as his mother’s death, his own battles with alcohol and becoming a father. The now sober Aaron takes you through relationships past and present that shaped who he is. 

Hailing from London, Ont. Canada, Aaron has been playing southwestern Ontario and abroad now for close to 15 years. He has played along side some of Canada’s biggest and brightest talent (Joel Plaskett, Tom Wilson and The Sheep Dogs just to name a few). After a two year retirement from music, back in early 2013, Aaron is back and stronger than ever. With the help of a largely new line up, The Small City Saints are also a force to reckon with. Comprised of hand picked local musicians the Saints feature members from The Rizdales, The Allens, Rant Maggie Rant and more. For this record Aaron enlisted Producer Mack Edwards and Co Producer/Engineer Simon Larrochette. “The process of recording ‘Better Days’ was a breath of fresh air” said Aaron. “I didn’t want to get into the studio and just do what I always do”. Putting all his faith in the songs, players and production, they were able to create an atmosphere where eveyone’s input was valid and having a good time was key. “When you get in a room with players of that magnitude, you just trust them”. Aaron didn’t want any pre production for this record. The musicians were not allowed to hear the songs prior to coming into the studio and everything was as off the floor as possible. “I wanted to treat it like a jam session. I wanted to capture the magic of just writing the song and laying it down and I believe we accomplished that”. 

As for the future, Aaron has plans to tour this summer and play as much as possible in support of the new record. He’s content being a dad, a husband and a tattoo artist. Everything else is just icing on the cake. “It’s all about fun now. I wished I had realized that years ago”.

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