2018 Trackside Music Festival Artist Lineup

Midnight Shine

Sunday, July 1st  /  Main Stage

They came together by chance. They stayed together for a shot. When singer/songwriter Adrian Sutherland from Attawapiskat was offered opening spot for a Trooper concert in Timmins, he reeled in some other Northern Ontario musicians to form temporary band Midnight Shine.

Their intention was to make the most of this one-off performance. Eight years, five radio singles, three albums, and 200+ media stories later… you could say they have been. Turning heads with a sound that seamlessly mixes roots, classic and modern rock, Midnight Shine’s music is anchored by Sutherland’s eloquent lyrics and heartfelt vocals. The songs are not only radio-friendly, but also explore Cree culture, tradition and life in the North with depth and meaning. They’re a ‘must-hear’ band you’ll take a real shine to…

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