2018 Trackside Music Festival Artist Lineup

Runaway Angel

Sunday, July 1st  /  Main Stage

Zero. If you’re wondering why Runaway Angel would choose such a title for their highly anticipated sophomore album, Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin and Stacey Zegers say they couldn’t find a better way to describe the project. “For us that one word represents many things that we collectively feel about this record, while leaving the listener with a bit of mystery and space to draw their own conclusions,” says Grace. Could it represent new beginnings? No fears or regrets? Perhaps, it’s just their way of saying they went into the project with zero thoughts on what is “too country” or “too pop” and made the record that represented exactly who they are – which is the perfect blend of both.

Zero’s fun and vibrant lead single “Witness” is a strong example of that. While Cadence, Ann and Stacey have all had major successes in their own rights as solo female artists, it’s their collective talents that have led them to the perfect the recipe of harmony and friendship as Runaway Angel. “Witness” serves as not only a perfect tribute to their respective partners, but also their deep-rooted friendship with one another – “I’m looking for my plus one, someone in it for the long run” – except in this case, they each get a plus two to conquer this industry and all of life’s hills and valleys.

In 2013 these three friends and solo artists joined forces to create Runaway Angel. After many years of pursuing careers individually, the creation of the group was meant to return their collective focus to the love of music that had drawn them to chase their dreams, while having more fun along the way. This return to their musical passion and friendship resulted in palpable group chemistry, with unforgettable on stage energy.

“For me, Runaway Angel was always a way to return my heart to music. To fall back in love with what had drawn me to pursue performance in the first place. Being a solo artist started to become harder, and eventually took away from the creative aspects of music that I had loved so much. I just wanted to be more creative and have fun with my friends,” Says Zegers.

In their 4 short years as a group, they’ve played major stages like Boots and Hearts, Lucknow’s Music In The Fields, Trackside and The Havelock Jamboree, opening for major acts like Dallas Smith, Jason Blaine, Chad Brownlee, Brett Kissel, The Road Hammers, and Emerson Drive.

This past summer they added another accomplishment to their growing story by completing their first European tour with shows in Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands. “Sharing our music with people all over the world is truly an incredible experience. Music really does bring people together! It felt magical getting to connect through song, and it was also wonderful travelling the world and do something I love with my best friends,” Said Chaplin.

In April 2016, Runaway Angel’s first record ‘No End In Sight,’ debuted at #5 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart. Containing singles ‘Run Angel Run,’ ‘My Someday,’ ‘June’ and ‘Easy,’ the record was a free spirited, gypsy-soul collection of stories that reflected their adventures as a group. These musical stories led them to a 2016 CCMA Discovery Nomination, and a total of 7 Ontario Country Music Award Nominations since joining forces.

On their FACTOR Supported Sophomore album Zero, they give nod to their gypsy souls, while leading the listener down new musical roads. Zero is Packed with self-penned songs like ‘Her,’ a heart wrenching ballad about your loved one leaving you for another, as well as songs they fell in love with like ‘Hard to Get’, written by Nashville recording artist RaeLynn and GRAMMY-Award winner Emily Weisband. Produced by CCMA Award winner Jason Barry, Zero brings a whole new side of Runaway Angel to the fore-front. A perfect mixture of powerhouse vocals, poignant harmonies and infectious melodies, Zero delivers a fresh perspective of human emotion with an empowering feel that is sure to leave the listener wanting more.

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